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This Cookies Policy aims to provide the information to any website user can decide whether to allow the installation of the cookies used by Keims and how to manage them. Therefore, we provide a number of basic notions which we consider essential knowledge (what cookies are and how we use them, or how to disable or delete) to anyone on the internet, and help with the identification of our cookies.

The information on Cookies Policy is provided through two layers: first, a "notice" in the footer of the website, which warned of the installation of required cookies if you should continue navigation without changing the browser settings and provides a link to this Policy so that the user can know more about its content and operation. This Policy is the second layer of information.

Our cookies is public and permanently accessible in the website, called "Cookies Policy", which users can access to stay informed at all times link.

This Cookies Policy may be updated at any time, following a mandatory change or due to any change in the configuration of the cookies used.

Keims may use cookies and similar technologies for storing and retrieving information terminal equipment of users of its websites (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Cookies").

Cookies are files or software, sent to a browser by a web server to store information on a user's computer, to access or navigate a website, and allow it to be accessed after installation. In other words, they are pieces of information that a website installs on your device when you visit. These devices can provide information on the browsing habits of users or the computer on which you install, or even be used to recognize the user.

Types of Cookies

There are several types of cookies depending on the purpose for which they are used.

  • Thecnical cookies (not required): are those that allow the user to navigate through the website and the use of different options or services that exist in it, for example, identify the session, access restricted parts, make the buying process an order or adapt the content to the user language.
  • Analytics cookies (required): are those that allow us to track and analyze the behavior of the users of our website.
  • Advertising cookies (required): are those that allow us to manage, as efficiently as possible, the advertising space on our site, based on criteria such as the edited content or the frequency with which ads are shown.
  • Social cookies (required): are those providers of social networking services can be installed when the user selects to share certain content on our social network in which they operate. The conditions of these services are available at the following addresses:

Cookies Keims

PHPSESSIDThecnicalSaves user's website session even if it had not logged on with a user name registered. It's needed to manage the shopping cart. This does not include any personal data. Its validity just at logoff.
tiendaavisoThecnicalStores in the user's computer numerical value equal to 1 if the user accepts the use of non-free cookies. Expires after one year.

Managing Cookies

The installation of the cookies will occur after obtaining the consent of the users. We believe we have obtained such consent if the user navigates through our website, or if you perform certain actions involving the authorization of the installation of cookies (eg by selecting Remember me for 15 days, or registering as a user of Keims).

If the user wishes to revoke the consent given must delete the cookies installed and, if necessary, modify your preferences on the acceptance of cookies through your browser options. To prevent them from installing in the future need to activate Private Browsing or Do-Not-Track under your browser, ie, block or disable the use of cookies.

To allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer or device by setting your browser options installed on it, you should follow the instructions provided by the browser. Below we provide the links for setting cookies popular browsers:

If you use any other browser, or the links provided do not contain the information you want, you can find how to manage cookies that are installed on your computer by clicking the Options or Settings or equivalent-browser, or at the section Support of the browser itself.

There are browsers that allow you to configure specific rules, exceptions to manage cookies for web site so that can be disabled cookies for all sites except those in which they trust.

If block or disable the use of cookies on your browser may cause some services or functionality of the website may not be available.

Remember to set your preferences on every device you use to surf the internet.